Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the End.....

I tried so hard, and got so far...
...but in the end, it doesn't even matter!
I didn't even fall... but lost it all...
...but in the end, it doesn't even matter!!!

Well... so here i am again. This time the source of my amazement is the way all questions that I talked about just faded away in wake of the mother of all questions, both of which i managed to answer. So I got the bigger ones, but was (and am) totally lost in the smaller ones. So here go the answers.

Q1. How could you simply believe all that is said?
A1. How could I not believe what is said, given the person who was saying it?

Q2. If you really are in Love, how could you let her go?
A1. If I am really in Love, how could I (and why should I) stop her?

I know, I know. the answers are also questions. Vicious cycle, eh?

A dear friend of mine told me three reasons why people blog.
1. They are preparing for CAT
2. They are having nothing else to do
3. They are in Love

Well, everybody knows that I have never had any intention for getting through CAT. or GRE. or GMAT. And ever since I joined a multinational, the second option got struck off. And the dear friend of mine has obviously no idea of whether or not one can blog when he is in the condition that I am in.

So i guess this is gonna be my last blog. And anybody, for whom Priyank has ever sounded like a nice name, pray that I restart this blog (mind you, restart, not start a new one). and if the 'anybody' who happens to read this blog happens to be, like me, a non believer of sorts, just wish me good.

I know, I know. This is not the way Priyank ends things. so here it goes... my way.

Well... I hope that i will wake up to realise that the last seven days were a bad dream. (Well, they are unreal, for sure). And I hope that I will get a call saying that this was all a good joke!! (Did her voice tell me anything? Maybe it did.)

Hoping against hope? Maybe. But hope is such a wonderful thing. An option that I never strike off, unlike the three listed above.

Will be missing the inspiration behind my blogs.

Take care
Priyank Kulshreshtha


  1. Anubhab7:09 AM

    first those three reasons were by a female..i don't know if she is a dear friend of yours.. ;)
    regarding reasons to write a blog..i'll say mine..
    i have thousands of memories so wonderful, each one is good enough to make life all the more beautiful..
    i just want to write them down...
    in between i keep writing some random stuff but all of it is meant for the amazing adventures i had.. :)
    see things may not happen the way we want, results may not be as per our wish, actions may appear inexplicable..
    but can't all this be erased...close your eyes and you will know why..
    search for answers to all questions you have but for love..
    its like trying to grab the droplets of rain..futile and painful..
    instead just stand..and let the rain fall down your face..feel the droplets splash all across you..
    don't you feel happy then?
    i'll end by saying i can never be in your shoes to feel what you went through..
    but after undergoing all this even if its there..then you will experience a different without expectations..
    feel it yourself...
    take care...

  2. hey
    This is my first publication of this type after publications you know.
    I am writting comments to a blog!!!! i never thought it will start this way, but iam not surprised by this start as your surprised end has done this.
    surprise outshown out by other suprise!!!
    I hope u will come out soon with new colors!! I am praying for the new day to come with same sun but new sunlight!!!
    one more reason to write this is that iam the only one left and four out of team of leagendry five has gone out and every one in such a stage.
    I am looking forward for ISD!!!
    waise how was this first try
    and you sud not follow this song right now

    You should say


    I can understand
    No matter where she goes
    scent is in my breath
    NO matter where she dwells
    she is in my dreams
    No matter .......
    only**** she sud get

    keep these feelings alive u will make it

    I think I am soon goin to start my blog

  3. Anubhab12:16 AM

    what is this funda behind "only one left and four out of team of leagendry five.."?
    btw, is the word some sort of taboo..
    writing **** seems like using expletives..
    disgracing the word in fact..
    can't you people yell out LOVE....

  4. and may i add that i would be glad-er if the person for whom the comment(s) was intended gets the point :)

  5. Anubhab2:05 AM

    hey ask baks to enable other posting in his blog..
    i can't post from beta to a non-beat blog..

  6. Anubhab3:04 AM

    "do you or do you not get the point? y r u tormenting the innocent backx?"
    baks ko maine kaha torment kiya???
    mujhe kuch nahi chamak raha hain..