Friday, December 02, 2005

A Day and a Sem

December has never been the same as it is this year....

As the erratically congested mind of yesterdays, crammed to the top with formulae seemingly never ever discerned before, tries to recompose itself after the unremitting phenomena that we call the end semesters, the vacuum created seems never to fill. Overwhelming all the futile efforts I make to keep my mind somewhere else, it wanders back everytime to the heavy ticks of the countdown that seems to gather speed with every passing minute.

A Day and a Sem... that is exactly what remains of the journey that began three and a half years ago, and has since taken me through all the turns n twists, all the experiences, all the co-passengers, and all the memories that add up to make Priyank Kulshreshtha...

And the time begins to cheat, passing more quickly than ever before. But the moments passed still seem to hang in the air... the things we said to each other, or we never said to each other and understood even better, all of them seem to be coming back in flashes and spells... the time spent together seems to stretch, as if trying to push in that one extra moment together. The memories seem surprisingly fresh, just like the cool breeze that has started blowing through my open window... and I seem to enjoy it.

Weird... I never seemed to enjoy cool breeze this time of the year. Maybe December has actually never been the same as it is this year.

I just wish the next one would be better...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lest we should Forget......


Please care to spare a bit more than a thought for the one who chose ethics over affluence. Manjunath Shanmugam, the dashing IOCL manager, the prolific IIM-L product, the rare breed of upright youngsters who dare to be true, ceases to be just another piece of news. And YOU can and YOU should help ensure that his martyrdom gets at least justice... plain justice, to start with. He deserves every second you spare, if not a lot more. So please...

1. Sign the petition that has been created for this effort. I know it may not have a concrete result, but trust me, a show of solidarity never goes waste. The higher-ups know that there are people who care. So sign it.

2. Spread the link of the website <> to all you know. It matters.. it really does.

3. If you have a blog/website, please post about it. If you have already talked about it, re-talk about it and post the link to their website. The more people visit it, the better.

I dont claim that your support will lead to justice in a land where Satyendra Dubey's brutal murder was dismissed as a 'highway robbery', but that doesn't give me a reason not to do these three things... nor should it give one to you.

Priyank Kulshreshtha
Department of Civil Engineering
IT BHU, Varanasi

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Line on the Shattered Ground

Weird are the ways of the world... as if the shadow of death already biting away into the rays of hope in the lives of poor Kashmiris caught between the wheels of strategic avocations and political chores was not enough, the earth shook... taking away ground from under the feet.

And whatever remained still hangs in balance tilted sometimes by humane cries for help from the other side of the line, otherwise by staunchly poised armies not willing to trust the relief from the other side.

All because the self-proclaimed representatives of the two communities chose the path of divorce, preferred reticence of communities to amity, and drew the line on the ground.

Would life ever be same again?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dreams Never Die

Maybe it sounds a bit philosophical and even artificial from a guy who normally sounds much different. But the difference is also a manifestation of the dream he dreamt long ago.

The soar of the mind preceeds that of people. Dare to dream higher and higher. And work for them. Because the day you get them, You would say thanks to yourself. The most satisfied of all human beings is the warrior who lies exhausted in the battlefield, VICTORIOUS.

And the day your dream lies shattered beside you, have the courage to keep your chin up and spirits high. For Dreams never Die. Niether do Dreamers.