Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lest we should Forget......


Please care to spare a bit more than a thought for the one who chose ethics over affluence. Manjunath Shanmugam, the dashing IOCL manager, the prolific IIM-L product, the rare breed of upright youngsters who dare to be true, ceases to be just another piece of news. And YOU can and YOU should help ensure that his martyrdom gets at least justice... plain justice, to start with. He deserves every second you spare, if not a lot more. So please...

1. Sign the petition that has been created for this effort. I know it may not have a concrete result, but trust me, a show of solidarity never goes waste. The higher-ups know that there are people who care. So sign it.

2. Spread the link of the website <> to all you know. It matters.. it really does.

3. If you have a blog/website, please post about it. If you have already talked about it, re-talk about it and post the link to their website. The more people visit it, the better.

I dont claim that your support will lead to justice in a land where Satyendra Dubey's brutal murder was dismissed as a 'highway robbery', but that doesn't give me a reason not to do these three things... nor should it give one to you.

Priyank Kulshreshtha
Department of Civil Engineering
IT BHU, Varanasi

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