Friday, December 02, 2005

A Day and a Sem

December has never been the same as it is this year....

As the erratically congested mind of yesterdays, crammed to the top with formulae seemingly never ever discerned before, tries to recompose itself after the unremitting phenomena that we call the end semesters, the vacuum created seems never to fill. Overwhelming all the futile efforts I make to keep my mind somewhere else, it wanders back everytime to the heavy ticks of the countdown that seems to gather speed with every passing minute.

A Day and a Sem... that is exactly what remains of the journey that began three and a half years ago, and has since taken me through all the turns n twists, all the experiences, all the co-passengers, and all the memories that add up to make Priyank Kulshreshtha...

And the time begins to cheat, passing more quickly than ever before. But the moments passed still seem to hang in the air... the things we said to each other, or we never said to each other and understood even better, all of them seem to be coming back in flashes and spells... the time spent together seems to stretch, as if trying to push in that one extra moment together. The memories seem surprisingly fresh, just like the cool breeze that has started blowing through my open window... and I seem to enjoy it.

Weird... I never seemed to enjoy cool breeze this time of the year. Maybe December has actually never been the same as it is this year.

I just wish the next one would be better...


  1. amen my dear friend!!
    the treasure of friendship is a glimmering piece of memorabilia that i will lovingly carry with me when time commands me to move on to the next phase of my life. and as each of us rises into the coveted echelons of the successful and the powerful, i am sure he/she would look back upon these times with love and the feeling of having been fortunate enough to be blessed with such a fine bunch of friends. i sometimes shudder when the thought of that ominous moment that is biding its time comes to my mind - the moment that has been at the back of everybody's mind ever since our first year. lumps appear in my throat when I remember those words of our own Ramji Sir - "bachche yahaan aate waqt bhi rote hain, yahaan se jaate waqt bhi rote hain."
    but anyway, until that time arrives, lets enjoy this carnival of friendship to the fullest.

  2. yes, it has been an exhilarating journey so far and yes, it'll be having a sweet but painful end also(for each one of us)but for the time being just forget it!!(becoz its fun time now)
    Well, everybody has taken it(btech life) in one or the other way.Some wanted to get rid of it asap so that they could proceed towards a career of their choice,a few chose to extract maximum out it (and they were quite successful in that)while those remaining decided to accept things,in the way they come to them. But one thing has been common for all i.e. participating in this exuberating game called "college life", competing at same platform with different potentials and njoying its flavour to the fullest.And i just hope that everyone will emerge as a winner in this game at the end of its "Base period" which is 4 yrs in our case.(Oh!!...actually, the effect of end sem is still thr on dont mind it!!)