Monday, November 27, 2006

Flashes in the pan... Part II

Yet another day when the free slack in my activities is allowing me to diverge from my critical path. In other words, m a bit free today. So another one of the flashes....

Talked to a lot of old school friends after 4-5 years... Orkut is Great!! Felt amazing how the distances of years can be erased in minutes.... in the same world where minutes are deemed sufficient to wipe away eras of trust and friendship...

Sometimes, I feel whether it is wise to sit back and let life take its course or to take control of it... although a staunch advocate of the latter, right now I seem to be favoring the former. Just to see what happens, if for nothing else. So for a while, life itself will decide. Unless of course, I revert back to my usual self, which I trust more than life, luck or destiny. I suspect I will...

Hoping against hope, but still hoping for the best...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jeetega Bhai Jeetega

So, Team India lost another match. Well, not the first time. But now, somehow, this time our hon'ble MPs want an answer.

Well, when Team India lost against Australia and underperformed against Namibia in WC03, fans attacked Mohd. Kaif's home. When we ended up runners up, why didn't these MPs demand an answer from those who did this reckless deed? When some hooligans booed Sachin Tendulkar in Wankhede, where were these demanding MPs? When Ponting and Company misbehaved with Pawar, what great were these MPs doing?

They demand answers? Let them demand answer from the authorities of places where people are killing themselved for the want of food. Let them get an answer from people who have left our Kargil Heroes out in the cold. And let them ask themselves why they do not talk business in any bill, except perhaps the bill of reconsideration of their own salaries.

About Team India and Chappel, well, they are guys who can take care of themselves. They do not need to answer anyone, except the common Indian, who still cheers every wicket of Zaheer, Every boundary of Sachin and every six of Dhoni. And answer they will, not in rhetoric but in performance.

Cheers to the spirit of Team India. Cheers to the Support mail of BCCI. Cheers to the legendary ring that we form after every wicket fall.

Jeetega Bhai Jeetega............

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Fight Ain't fair

A long while ago, The Tramp told me to read one particular entry of his blog... and comment.

For the second time in my blogging history, he deserved more than a comment. It read

It’s a shocking tale of two Indias, the irony of which is clearly indicative of the stark socio-economic disparity.While the country’s business entrepreneurs raised a toast to BSE benchmark Sensex breaching the 13,000 mark on Monday, thousands of miles away in Bihar, a man committed suicide for not having eaten for 13 days. (more...)
"it's not that we don't care,we just know that the fight ain't fairso we keep on waitingwaiting on the world to change"
- John Mayer

and the blog ended. Abruptly.

The question is not whether we know or do not know...

Someday, each of us gets a chance to make the world a better place for someone we hardly kow. Then the question is, when that day comes, do we choose to look the other way, or do we fight our bit to make the fight fair?

Someday, the number of people doing their bit will rise.
Someday, our India will change.
Someday, Indians will change India.

Waiting for that day? Forget it. Its already time to stop waiting and start working for it.

Walk Through the Past

Yesterday I had a walk through the Churni Road streets... the same ones that we roamed during the unforgettable winter tour that we had in 3rd year... and it took me into a tour of the past...

Goa Beaches... sand in the feet, breeze in the face... stars in the sky, dreams in the eyes... "Abe Ultimate Jagah Hai"... "Samajh aata hai log honeymoon manane yahaan kyu aate hain"... "Tu Bhi yahi aayega, mujhe maloom hai"... "Time kya hua hai? Night out hua ke nahi ab tak"... unforgettable moments....

Uttaranchal... Snow all around... Himalayas towering, mystical and dreamy... Fog ahead, clouds below... "Abe yahaan ek baar aur aaoonga at least, aur is baar akela nahi aaoonga"... "Oye tu akela to abhi bhi nahi hai, hum hain naa"... "Teri Aisi ki Taisi"... The trips that we spent 4 years planning, and proved worth the wait... and I was thinking... 'If at all I get a chance to relive my life, I will start from here'

Some days, when I am alone, I think of the best friends that I have had for life. And I close my eyes. And I am back there, in 106-L, 64-De, 16-Viveka or 191-Viveka... I still feel like I can take 5 steps and see ashu in the next room, I still think that the silence will be shattered by the irrepressible Anu singing 'Chanda Chamke'... I still think that there will be a power cut in the night and Saransh, Pari and I will be singing Kishore-Rafi songs... I still feel that I can make out the ever comforting image of Roy somewhere out there in the lobby....

Cheers to the moments that made up those golden years of my life....