Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Fight Ain't fair

A long while ago, The Tramp told me to read one particular entry of his blog... and comment.

For the second time in my blogging history, he deserved more than a comment. It read

It’s a shocking tale of two Indias, the irony of which is clearly indicative of the stark socio-economic disparity.While the country’s business entrepreneurs raised a toast to BSE benchmark Sensex breaching the 13,000 mark on Monday, thousands of miles away in Bihar, a man committed suicide for not having eaten for 13 days. (more...)
"it's not that we don't care,we just know that the fight ain't fairso we keep on waitingwaiting on the world to change"
- John Mayer

and the blog ended. Abruptly.

The question is not whether we know or do not know...

Someday, each of us gets a chance to make the world a better place for someone we hardly kow. Then the question is, when that day comes, do we choose to look the other way, or do we fight our bit to make the fight fair?

Someday, the number of people doing their bit will rise.
Someday, our India will change.
Someday, Indians will change India.

Waiting for that day? Forget it. Its already time to stop waiting and start working for it.

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  1. I'm glad you read through the lines of mayer's song. It surely shows how many of us feel about all the wrong that happens around us. We say that "we are sympathetic to things around us, we deeply feel for the deprived and tortured."
    But then we add next "what can we do? we can never stand up against the high and the mighty. we are powerless in front of them..so let's wait for the world to change..someday some miracle will happen and everything will become so nice and peaceful.."
    I feel its so sad..We wish things to change..while we remain mute spectators..we prefer to wait than act..
    i guess just like always we choose the easy over the right..

    p.s. listen to the song..its a beautiful one..