Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jeetega Bhai Jeetega

So, Team India lost another match. Well, not the first time. But now, somehow, this time our hon'ble MPs want an answer.

Well, when Team India lost against Australia and underperformed against Namibia in WC03, fans attacked Mohd. Kaif's home. When we ended up runners up, why didn't these MPs demand an answer from those who did this reckless deed? When some hooligans booed Sachin Tendulkar in Wankhede, where were these demanding MPs? When Ponting and Company misbehaved with Pawar, what great were these MPs doing?

They demand answers? Let them demand answer from the authorities of places where people are killing themselved for the want of food. Let them get an answer from people who have left our Kargil Heroes out in the cold. And let them ask themselves why they do not talk business in any bill, except perhaps the bill of reconsideration of their own salaries.

About Team India and Chappel, well, they are guys who can take care of themselves. They do not need to answer anyone, except the common Indian, who still cheers every wicket of Zaheer, Every boundary of Sachin and every six of Dhoni. And answer they will, not in rhetoric but in performance.

Cheers to the spirit of Team India. Cheers to the Support mail of BCCI. Cheers to the legendary ring that we form after every wicket fall.

Jeetega Bhai Jeetega............


  1. I don't remember when it was last when I watched a cricket match live..
    But surely its unfortunate that politicisation of the sport has grown so large that cricket has to be discussed in the parliament...

  2. For a second there you sounded like pakau singh!!! :p