Sunday, March 18, 2012

No rape before 8pm. We are a Metro

There are thoughts that are practical and rational. Others are impractical but rational. Then there are some which are so outrageously stupid, they make you want to blow your brains out of your nose.

In Boston, when crime rate went through the roof, the best crimebusters of the US were posted there. Back home, officials are busy blaming the girls' dresses, late shifts, will to live a life, etc for all that happens, or could possibly happen, to them. And then the unthinkable happens. A girl is raped at 8pm, by no means a 'late night' for a city like Gurgaon, and the police issues an advisory to girls. Don't work later than 8pm (or be ready to get raped and then don't blame us).

Probably, for all the hype around it, this might be just a stray remark by an irresponsible top guy (we have an awful lot of them). Probably, the social security system lacks the resources and willpower to develop itself.

But my question is, Where are we as a civilization taking our society? Do the lawmakers want parents to teach their kids to restrict their dreams because of personal safety? Shouldn't the perpetrators of crime be made to hear 'Guys, one of these days u r gonna be sc***ed' rather than 'Guys, keep doing your thing, just make it convenient to time them after 8pm'?

And what happens if a rape takes place at 6pm? Time limit revised?

Respect, Sachin, Respect

As the cricketing world celebrates the towering landmark reached by Sachin Tendulkar, what can I say about the great man that hasn't been said before?

Sachin Tendulkar is a rich man. He has the honor and respect of his teammates as well as opponents, love of the common man, blessings of those whose lives he has touched through philanthropy. I, today, wish to give him something that he probably does not have enough of.

I want to say, Thanks to you for doing your best, all the time. Thanks for making us believe that we can also win. Thanks for literally carrying the Indian batting for long phases. Thanks for giving us innumerable reasons to cheer. And more importantly, thanks for taking the undeserved brickbats that we keep throwing at you and you continue to take them in your stride.

Enjoy the ton of tons. This one is for you more than anyone else who kept demanding it from you. To quote your own role model, "Respect, Sachin, Respect."