Friday, July 04, 2008

How long are 24 Hrs?

Well, it seems another era has passed since I last blogged... so much so that I dont seem to remember what was the 'occasion',time of the day or even the topic of my last blog!!
This one is about a revelation. I remember commenting once after a visit to Bandra beach with a dear old friend when i was thinking aloud to myself how this sunset would have been so beautiful each day of the year, and how badly stuck are we in our lives that we do not find time for it even once a month.
Well, going a step ahead on that note... This comes up because I am at home now... after about a year, and maybe the only time in that period when my seemingly endless 'to do' list hasnt caught up with me. So practically after a year, I am having enough time in a day to sit back, watch life go by, laugh with family, go to small picnics, and the like. Any day of the week, this life is better that the one that we lead 'normally'.
And still I end up discussing with Mummy how bad an idea it is to visit me in Mumbai, since i ll be all 'tied up' and 'busy'. Irony? comedy? tragedy? or some other equally brutal adjective? Two lives that we all lead, one leads to the other, each one equally important and valuable in its own right.
Perhaps the only saving grace in my case... I love them both!! Just hope to maintain the required balance at all times.