Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to square One!!

Today, I am eating crow, and I am happy that I did not keep my word this time. So today, i will start from the last line from my first blog...

"And the day your dream lies shattered beside you, have the courage to keep your chin up and spirits high. For Dreams never Die. Niether do Dreamers."

So, in a way, I give up on one word, only to stick to another one... forget it... even I don't know why I am trying to justify a good thing that I have done, because of which the dream still lives on!!!

Today, I can think of no other way to restart my blogging days than with a tribute to the people who have always been mine... through thick and thin, through good and bad, through joy and sorrow. They are the people who have made my life worth living. I can think of no order, so I go with the alphabetical order.

Anubhab Roy... the dude of the branch, the ever flamboyant guy who will always bring out the silver lining from each adversity that anybody faced. Been lucky enough to have spent some great times with him... the one thing that I learnt from him once and for all is to look for solutions rather than excuses, and to dare.

Anupam Gupta... the unfathomable ocean of maverick ideas, which made up his daily life. With constant antics, he would keep everyone's mood fresh. Never the one to say 'no' (at least to me ;), i can say that). Such a dependable guy, will go to any lengths to help you out, and will never ever expect something in return...

Ashutosh Srivastava... the guy who knew me in and out, kept me going through all the roughs, who always told me never to think that I do not deserve what I want... always ready with something or the other to keep me alive and jumping. And most importantly, a shoulder to lean on. I wish we will convert some of our late night talks into reality... (not 'that' one... the other ones)

Kumar Anubhav... the oldest friend of mine... the guy who knows me for more than anybody else... always ready with friendly and matter-of-factly advice whenever I needed... and will make me feel cared about when I needed it the most... almost like my extended family... par pata nahi Mummy ko Madam kehna kab chhodega...

Parijat Naha... the more you say about this dude, the less it is... unlimited energy, as many talents as there can be in a guy, and very genuine as a person. Having had him by my side throughout the four years made the roller coaster ride through the other side of ITBHU feel like a cakewalk

Sunny Verma... another member of my extended family... gem of a person... took so many pains to be there for my family when I was not there... amazingly remembers all the crap that we studied in class XII... and teaches my sister!! I can't do that... for all that I am, I can smiply not do that!! And the one thing for which I will remember him is the red rose... thanks yaar...

Thank you friends... Thank you all!!!!


  1. anubhab11:29 AM

    Glad to see you back.. :)

  2. gud return
    at least for me
    keep it up