Saturday, August 12, 2006

In perspective........

There are things that you sometimes wonder about. There are things that you sometimes dream about. There are things that you sometimes think about. And then, there are things for which you do all the three...

And right now I wonder, I dream and I think. I wonder how I managed to get what I did. I dream about what I may. And finally, I to think about what this is trying to teach me, where is this all trying to take me. Questions that seem so simple and are yet hold the key to life... questions which you neither feel like running away from, nor do you feel like taking all of them at one and the same time... questions seemingly so trivial at times, yet so deep and far reaching... questions sometimes so objective, but never ending in a yes or no.

And for these, there are only two kinds of answers, as The Tramp told me once.... one that is right, and one that is easy. One leaves things to grow out as they eventually would, and one that dares you to take control of your life... but at a cost.

And once things are viewed from this perspective, there is only one answer that remains...

Hope i got this one right............. Someday i will blog about another. Hope that day comes soon, coz the wait is killing.


  1. oye mera naam hatha..the tramp likh bus..
    saale mar kha jaunga..mere kuch post ke karan.. :D
    and regarding those lines..actually i heard al pacino say them "in a scent of woman"..os keep quoting it often..
    i find it so true..
    we spend a considerable amnt of enrgy and time to decide right and wrong, whereas what exist is plain easy n right..that makes the choice easier..
    once again congrats for the new stint..
    have fun