Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Independence Week (? or !)???

It was Independence day two days ago. People pinned tricolors on their pockets two days ago. Speeding cars oozed patriotic songs two days ago. Guys talked about our Independence two days ago. Rallies and gatherings remembered our martyrs two days ago. The brave soldiers and toiling farmers were saluted two days ago. I received 7 Happy I-day messages two days ago on SMS.

What is striking and stands out is not the fact that it all happened, but the fact that it all happened two days ago.

In a land when marketing strategies involve extending friendship day to friendship week, where Valentine's Day is an awaited 'tryst with destiny (ironic, eh?)' for the youth, where anything from 'Sarkaar ka Bhrashtachaar' to 'Cricket team ki Haar' generates media attention that spans weeks if not months, the Independence day loses its sheen in two days.

When I used to play 'Vande Mataram' on my computer anyday, someone would come and ask 'Why?'. Nobody bothered whether or not today is Valentine day when I played Ishq 'Samundar'. And I am still receiving Happy Friendship Day SMSes.

True, we dish out money for N-Blasts of ours, cry for our soldiers when there is a Kargil, Shout 'Vande Mataram' on Independence Day and Republic Day. But, as N. Vittal pointed out... "Can we afford to be Part-time Patriots?"

Any answers????

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