Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In Mumbai, it rains

And it rains, and it rains, and it rains.

I step down at CST and reach the guesthouse, absorbing the dreamy skylines of the ‘Sone ki nagari’, and it rains. I move up and down as the rugged and war torn BEST bus negotiates through typical Mumbai roads, and it rains. I wonder whether or not the safety helmet on my head will adversely affect the once high – profile hairstyle of mine, and it rains. I lie down in my bed, reliving the joys of my first salary, first home, first mobile, and, yes, u got it, it rains.

And when it rains, I think about the last day in college, when I was with the best friends I will probably have in my life… dancing in the rain, forgetting for a while that all this is about to end, on the last day in BHU. About the dreams that not so long ago seemed so far yet so near, and today seem so near yet so far. About how each drop falls and disappears like moments of my life, made memorable by one single moment that changed it all. And how I am swinging like a pendulum between what life offers and what I want. I promise myself that I will get it someday. And still, It rains!!!


  1. Its so beautiful watching the rain splash all around you. But there is no way in which you can capture the moment and make it happen whenever you want. It just happens on its own. All you can do is relish it in your hour of leisure...
    Just like the happy days that we had. So necessary to keep us going in this mad, mad world...
    Thanks, for this nice post..
    Loved reading it.. :)

  2. yeah except that i left early so i missed all that

  3. well itz not raining here in chandigarh and the sun is beating down like a foul-mouthed fire-breather. so the reminder of that wonderful BHU rainstorm is like a harbinger of peace to the israeli scenario. thanx for the feeling!