Friday, December 24, 2010

Indian Politics: Matter over Mind

Just as I had begun to believe that Wikileaks is moving towards an 'alternate entertainment' status, it has led to a national shame for India.

When I first read the Rahul Gandhi wikileak, my reaction ranged from 'misquoted' to 'blown out of proportion', since it is no secret that extremist Hindu thought streams have endangered lives in our country and continue to do so. But what transpired afterwards is simply outrageous.

BJP quickly (and in my opinion, rightly) blamed congress for weakening India's arguement against Pakistan sponsored terror. Rahul helped nobody by choosing to hide behind spokespersons clarifying the matter. And then, Congress went overboard by saying that "roots of terrorism" in India lie in BJP leader L K Advani's 1992 Rath Yatra, virtually absolving Pakistan.

In effect, because of the ridiculous and meaningless politics, a matter of national interest and international significance has been made a laughing stock and a political punchbag. And Digvijay's unsubstantiated claims have only added to Pakis' smiles and giggles.

'Skewed perspectives' is the only thing that comes into my mind...

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