Monday, January 10, 2011

Emotional Atyachaar

It has been quite a while since I wrote about anything controversial... So here goes...

This show hardly needs any introduction... And is so predictable now. Lights, camera, action. Girl is a sweet person, comes to test her boyfriend of seven lives, a hottie sets off to trap him, they flirt around and there is a beep-covered breakup.  Cut. Now, how correct is it?

Assuming it is stage managed, which I feel it is. Then, I say its a masterpiece. Public loves senseless crap and hence deserves it when sm1 makes money by serving crap on national television.

But assuming it is not, many questions arise.

Legally, what is bindaas tv's business what any1 does with his bf or gf? They want to do sting operations to improve the society? Do them on bribe takers and publicity fakers.

Morally, there are three issues. Firstly, if sm1 distrusts his/her partner so much that he/she has to resort to a tv series rather than real life as an acid test, is there any point in a relationship in the first place? Secondly, I believe that emotions and relations get tested by themselves in life. If u test them artificially they are bound to fail since somewhere, the basic ingredient called trust is missing. Thirdly, every relation in life is just one mistake away from total disaster. Even if the suspect passes the 'loyalty test', the relationship has failed since sm1 felt the need to do the test. Does it really make any sense for anyone to do it?

I will say just one sentence in closing it. I am yet to see a TV series as sick as this. I feel that the only reason this works is because it has smooches and obscenities raining after every third frame.

But as I said, we the people love crap so much... TRPs will never be a problem for this show...

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