Monday, November 29, 2010

Random thoughts of a fluttering mind

This has been the title for more than one of my recent posts... seems the flutter is much more frequent here than actual thought processes... Anyways... here goes...

The Asian games have yet again thrown up the unbelievable hurdles that our athletes have gone through in order to reach the stage when they can reasonably expect their name to be read in the newspapers by people other than their relatives and friends. Some lived in 'teen-shades', others had rooms without loos, most used two generation old equipments and almost all had to pay for their Visas and passports in order to win glory for their nation. All this happened as the honorable IOC chairman was busy eating away the money meant to be spent on the betterment of Indian sport, and shamelessly declaring his own 'victory over all odds'.

3 days ago was 26/11, yet again. Indian ministers made hollow promises and rhetorical calls to Pakistan to act against its terror setup, knowing fully well that it is going to be forgotten in a day, yet again. Some Indians paid homage to the martyrs and bravehearts of the fateful day, yet again. Headlines of substandard weapons and non-bulletproof boats made the front page, yet again. I remembered that the key perpetrator has been in Indian custody and continues to make a mockery of Indian Judicial system. Yet again.

We expect Pakistan to act against its friends, when we have been unable to act against our enemy. Ironic.
Kasab used to eat off Pakistani plates. Then he attacked India. Now he is borne by India. Again, Ironic

We expect US to act against Pakistan, but fail to find the will to act on elements within India who threaten to tip apart the fabric of Indian integrity. Yet again, Ironic.

Signing off now... will be back with some more flutter or thoughts, as the case may be.

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