Sunday, January 25, 2009

Republic Day Parade

Watching the Republic Day parade on Rajpath is indeed an experience on its own. A showcase of country's military prowess, cultural diversity and development unparallelled in the whole world. France is the only other country that indulges in the self-appraisal and display of glory, that too on a lesser scale and grangeur.

However, what bothers me is the complete detachment of Indians to this exuberant ceremony. The stands seem deserted, commentary on door-darshan medicore and media coverage minimal.

How many people were present to witness Obama take oath? 25,00,000. Does it speak volumes about our 'Patriotism'?

1 comment:

  1. It is true that patriotic Indians are enroute to becoming an extinct species but in my opinion watching republic day parades or saluting the flag alone do not make anyone patriotic. I think people who make conscious efforts to not throw trash on the roads or in any public places, people who pay their taxes, people who do not indulge in corruption, etc. are more devoted Indians than thosewho indulge in all of these but stand up on hearing the anthem.