Monday, September 28, 2009

Breaking Free... from life

There is a major reason why I am choosing to update this virtually dormant blog on this day. Actually i reckon that if I don't do this today, I may not do this at all.

Well, for the immediate update, I am just back from a very relaxing two day trip to a lovely and secluded beach surprisingly near (4 hr drive) to Mumbai. I surprised myself by realizing that there are so many beauties has to offer that I grew up with, and then somehow got so entangled in this thing that they call fast track life, that I have forgotten when last I enjoyed these things.

Walking in the moonlight, feeling the grass wet with dew with bare feet, getting up to the sounds of koel and mynah in the morning, cool fresh breeze in face and hair, soft waves playing with feet ankle deep in clear sea water, admiring the shapes of tree leaves and patterns on tiny sea shells, listening to nothing but the music of wind through palm trees and the sea waves playfully striking each other on the coast... I could go on and on.

But the most important realization was the fact that there are so many deep rooted thoughts in our minds, buried deep down that clutter of day to day crap that we immerse ourselves in, which keep pleading to surface but are always pushed further down by the sheer weight of our own mind. Sometimes we find these thoughts too unimportant for our time to be spent on them. At other times, we are not ready and willing to confront them. But once the mind gets uncluttered and al this haze clears, we realise that these are the thoughts, feelings and opinions that are actually ours... ones that really matter... ones that ought to shape our lives. Unfortunately, they are reduced to background noise in our daily decision making.

Now, I am afraid that when I wake up tomorrow, I too shall be too caught up, busy, afraid and what not that I will again forget the lesson learnt. Hope things keep happening in my life that makes me unlearn all the dirt around help me follow what really matters.

Signing Off... Yours Truly.


  1. I strongly believe that because of the nature of today's lifestyle, every person should take time of by himself/ herself atleast once a month and give in to the reign of one 's mind and not try to dictate the course of its thoughts...

  2. good one...
    Mathematics used to be the universal language once, now in this world its only Money may be thats why??