Sunday, November 23, 2008

Protagonist in Dasvidaniya

Who is the protagonist of Dasvidaniya? There don't seem to be many apparent answers to that. However, as the movie made me realize, The bespectacled guy hanging on to life, before and after the realization that he is about to die, represents each one of us to a great extent.

He goes to office, comes back, but forgets to live life in between. Keeps a track of things to do daily, but loses track of things more important to him in life than the geyser repair and LIC policy.

Suddenly, after the realization of the time left for him to live, he starts doing things. Things which are not our of ordinary or out of context. Simple things that he could have done anytime in his life but never cared to. Learns that most of the things in life are just there for taking, if you care to stop by and take notice. Strikingly close to the person we see in the mirror, isn't it?

Thanks to the movie for simple insights!!

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