Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Of social responsibility and irreverence

Yesterday, 74 jawans were trapped by Maoists and ruthlessly murdered, many of them in cold blood. Print media had accounts of survivors, pointed fingers towards a failed intelligence and  carried statements of national leaders on the matter. TV media, on the other hand, seem so much gung-ho over Sania and Shoaib that 'Aaj Tak' proudly declared that the entire day will be full of that crap only.

C'mon... more people are dying in maoist violence than in Kashmir terrorism. Almost a third of India's geographical area is affected by them. And some part of the world still cares where two sportsmen-in-love went late night to enjoy themselves.

Sometimes I wonder what incentive drives TV channels to put such useless crap on national television. Do they get more money? Higher TRPs? more sense of satisfaction? Whatever happened to the supposed social responsibility of Media? Thankfully, print media has still retained the good sense in a more fitting manner.

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  1. Your last paragraph hit the nail right on the head!
    Most of today's media does not care a bit about social responsibility..why else do celebrities' personal live make headlines when they dont even need to be reported on the backpage. Just because they are celebrities, doesnot mean they have to be stripped of all dignity when an average citizen is not that much better.
    Anyway, why do they print/ telecast this stuff? Sadly because a good number of our own people find more pleasure in these profane tidbits than having to raise their voices against such atrocities. Its just another manifestation of people's preference to gossip over neighbors' misfortunes than actually help them in someway.
    the media cater to public interest..if not, yes, they will lose money.