Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebration of a dream

This post is one week late, attributed to the fact that I left for IIM Indore even as the inauguration ceremony of the new Domestic Terminal at Mumbai Airport was still underway, and got to pen down just now. Took this pic from my mobile camera on the morning of the completion. Looks beautiful, at least to me :)

Even though the euphoria in my heart has died down, I dont think I will ever forget the feeling as I left the terminal building on 17th April 2010, knowing that all those little battles and all those days (and nights) of fighting against all odds have borne fruit.

Below is the same area 20 months ago (The pic will be replaced in better resolution soon...)

Even as I have celebrated the moment, reminisced on the memories, remembered fondly all the sleepless nights and tough days, I dedicate this post to all these feelings, since the photo on top will never be able to reflect any of the things I talked about later. I am surely going to miss the moments I spent on this project.


  1. would be more interesting if you talked about some of the engineering challenges too

  2. There were plenty, but don't make interesting read or nostalgia.

  3. I guess that depends on the reader:). Its always nice to have something thought provoking/ extra knowledge/ any extra junk even for the mind to assimilate. lol, its your blog, its your call!