Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flashes in the again, but.....

... all dedicated to the best President India has ever had.

Waiting for the next President

For the records, Pratibha Patil is the person who shall take over the dignified auspices of the premises that have been home to some of the greatest visionaries India has produced. But somehow, it seems that something somewhere is missing. The pieces of the jigsaw are all there, but still, the picture is not complete.

Maybe I am waiting for a president whose addresses to the nation would consist of roadmaps to the future. One who had not only a vision of India's future, but also ideas about how to go about it. One whose life had been dedicated to the purpose of making India a developed, confident and dignified nations. One who was above all politics and dramatics that our 'men in white' indulge in. One who was as proud an Indian as can be. And above all, one who made the Rashtrapati Bhawan a 'People's Palace'.

Maybe, somewhere in the lobbies of Rashtrapati Bhawan, as the outgoing First Indian citizen packs his baggage and leaves, a nostalgic voice will call and say, 'We will miss you, Kalam Sir'.

India will miss you, Kalam Sir.

The drama and irony of the democracy

All the way, since I was a child and started learning about country and government from the NCERT Civics books in school, I had developed a deep sense of security in the system that we are so proud of... democracy. And today, I wonder...

Is the number of Indians that want Kalam out of office less than those who want a change? If yes, I sit down and shut up. But if not, then i question the very basics of the system of presidential election. Are the voices of Indians so badly lost out to political rhetorics and communal dramatics that we are nobody but numbers in the game called politics? Our votes do count. But then, is that the end of it? Our voices don't count?

Questions are many. any answers?

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  1. As P.G.Wodehouse wrote in a certain book " if people are foolish enough to vote for you, they deserve you "