Saturday, February 03, 2007

Indianisation of the West??

So, TATA bought Corus and became the fifth largest Steel conglomerate, striking a vibrant note in the Indian industry, unending rounds of applause and even rhetoric, and stories of India making its presence felt in the international arena.

Jamshedji Tata was once famously scoffed at by Chief of British Railways, who said that If India ever made steel to British standards, he will eat every ounce of it. Well, if not TATA steel, he might be eating a humble pie, to say the least.

To TATA, well done. Just hope that the champagnes don't fizz out quickly, and the acquisition reflects in the quality and quantity of the Indian products, which are still competitive only in terms of prices... so theat 'India Poised' and 'India Shining' dreams come closer to reality.

Too early to call it Indianisation of the West, but certainly one more thing that inspires Indians to Dream bigger and better.

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  1. Yes...
    When a big part of the world's population that too intelligent and hard worker will start thinking big ..... everything will be Indianised..
    and so what u see are just the small trailors....