Friday, October 01, 2010

Ram and Allah

This is going to be my shortest blog. 4 lines in Hindi followed by a closing remark. But I guess it says all that is to be said by me.

मंदिर तो बन जायेगा, पर राम कहाँ से लाओगे? 
उस मस्जिद की दीवारों को, क्या पाक कभी कर पाओगे?
जिस चौखट पर लोग जलें, राम वहां ना जायंगे , 

जिन गलियारों में खून गिरा, मौला क्या रह पायंगे

Ultimately, what we should do? Well, let them fight on what they build... Mandir or Masjid and what they read... Ramayan or Quran. Let us see if we can help the poor build their huts and read ABCD.


  1. I think at the bottom of all this, few people really care either about Ram or Allah, because if they really understood God, they won't shed blood over Him. Its more an outburst of common human tendency to fight for what they rightfully see as theirs.
    As for the closing statement, that's true not only in this case but in every case of corruption, obnoxious wealth acquirement by politicians, or statue building in Lucknow or along beach road in Chennai.

  2. well i guess some issues are meant to be left hanging, so that people can fan the fires of their own ambitions with these embers .... babri & kashmir are the biggest of these ...