Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why to hang Kasab immediately

7 reasons why Kasab should be hanged without any delay
  • Because he dared to change so many lives forever, and leave a permanent scar on the face of Mumbai.
  • Because he already has lived longer than he should have. He should have died at the hands of Karkare or ATS.
  • Because he and his colleagues were responsible for deaths of so many of our Jawans.
  • Because an acquittal will be a ridicule all over the world in general, and in Pakistan in particular.
  • Because we already saw what happened when terrorists were not killed immediately and went back to Pakistan through IC814 hijack.
  • Because if he is not hanged immediately, he will invite the 'sympathy' of so called 'human rights champions' and ensue stupid ideas of human justice and the like.
  • Because he is an enemy of India, and should be given a lesson, although belated.
And one reason why he should not be hanged
  • He is the only man alive who knows what happened to the crew of the boat that they came in, and till date their families have not got compensation promised by the government, since in the eyes of law, they are still not dead. Holy Crap!!!
On a different note, the hurt Indian in me wants him to be left out in public for an hour. I know he won't  last an hour, though. 

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  1. If only was still a nazy way of slow torture...but somehow I dont feel any pleasure at all. He is barely a pawn in the terrorists' game. The masterminds probably dont even care about losing this pawn...just a brainwashed teenager.