Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Diary... or, Maybe Not...

Somebody asked me... Do you write a Diary? I had no idea whether writing a diary was cool, fashionable, 'chic' or the 'In Thing'. "Well", I said, "I blog", thinking of saving grace by presenting the most similar aspect of my virtually event-less life.

Reaction: Disapproving.

Frankly, i never thought of writing a diary. It seems to be so much of load to me. Why? Simply because, so long as I have sufficient Gigabytes or Terrabytes in my own memories to remember all the good things in my life, to keep track of all the dreams that I ever dreamed of, to remember to pass the smiles back to those who keep passing it to me, and to remind me of thoughts that keep me who I am, Why do I need a one?

Verdict: It turned out I was apparently a stupid idiot with no sense of emotional well being.
Reaction: A carefree grin/giggle/laugh from me
Counter reaction: Utter disgust



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  2. diaries are an emotional outlet which cannot be forced..either you feel like writing or you don't. There is really nothing right or wrong, proud or shameful about it.
    diaries are more of an outlet for thoughts and feelings that you don't care for the whole world to know or read about. For me, blogs are just a medium to express my opinions

  3. Ateeth8:26 PM

    reaction to utter disgust: long as you can remember things you want to, who cares for a diary..and having a blog puts you far far ahead than rest of us lazyasses..