Monday, October 23, 2006

Touching 100!!

"Congrats Priyank. Today you have completed 99 working days." Words of my boss, guide and patron, 'Shukla Sir', as i call him. Who else but the best planning engineer could have kept track of a time span as irrelevant as this one!! Apart from comparing his announcement with NDA and UPA government milestones (which he thankfully laughed at), I said 'Thank You'.

Well, he might as well have said '99 days of your new life'. It has been a new lifetime of sorts.

It has been the worst of times. I have spent the most unsatisfying part of my life, doing a job that I hated. I have learnt how it feels being hit in the face by life. My heart and mind have gone through the most tempestuous of phases in these days. I have been shouted at on the job for no mistake of mine. I have experienced the agony of real life.

But then, it has been the best of times. The 'unsatisfying phase' has given me the stomach to go for what I really want from my life. I have learnt how to hit back when it hits you. The tempest has been preceded by the most blissful of experiences. In job also, I have made people get up and take notice of me. I have felt the ecstasy of achievement and the joy of little victories.

And some things never change. Daddy still prefers that I give him a missed call rather than a call. Daadiji still tells me to watch out for Aeroplanes before moving around the airport. Mummy still calls me whenever there is an 'Aloo ka Paratha' treat at home. Friends still talk with me in the same lingo that we used in hostel. Pretty much the same as it has always been.

I love my life.


  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Congrats Er. Priyank Kulshreshtha..
    btw, things haven't changed because you have remained the same old buddy.. :)

  2. aati rahengi baherin
    jati rahengi baherin
    dil ki nazar se duniya ko dekho
    duniya badi hi haseen hain

    bahiya ji 100 days...
    yaar aloo ka paratha treat mast yaad aayi
    when I was the luckiest of you all grabbing whole one paratha and you all had to share from one paratha at ur home......
    kitna sidha sadha baccha tha na main.