Thursday, March 23, 2006

We Have Seen God

"We Have Seen God. He Bats at No 4 for India"

Seen at the Wankhade, this was probably the most fitting testimony to the kid who obliterated Abdul Qadir when challenged, to the man who carried the burden of Indian batting for almost a decade, to the hero who has stood tall to adversity and come back from career threatening injuries more than once.

In face of the man who has been more successful in the game than any contemporary, those who chose to boo their hero in his backyard should go and hang their heads in shame whenever they even look in the mirror. Isn't he the same Tendulkar who gave them endless reasons to cheer all through his life? Isn't he the same Tendulkar who fought back biting back pain while batting for a day? Isn't he the same Tendulkar who went back to play for India barely a day after he was bereaved? Isn't he the same Tendulkar whose expulsion for a match caused nationwide protests and got the match relegated to an 'informal'?

True, a man as great as Sachin will take it all in his stride and the greatness he has earned shall never be scratched. But when the hero is down, is this how he is to be treated?

Yes, Sachin. You ARE God to your true fans. You will always be.


  1. thats a really refreshing blog, depicting a real sense of pride in a jewel of India. if somebody serves his or her country well, that person should elicit the support of the classes nad masses through thick and thin.

    call me a biased diehard Bengali fan, but isnt Sourav Ganguly a candidate for a decent treatment too?

  2. yeah..i agree with prajith..if Kaif,Sachin and all can be given chances..ganguy must also be given chances

  3. i must add that i know that politics is playing the biggest part in the sourav story. but still u cant reason wen the heart thinks instead of the brain.